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Many of us had the pleasure of knowing Sean personally or through close relationships with the loving Mellon Family. It was through these relationships, whether they were professional introductions through Zetlin & DeChiara or through his family circle that we all came to enjoy Sean’s wry sense of humor, very quick wit and the curiosity of all that fascinated him. When a topic came to interest Sean, whether politics, religion, science or photography, Sean left no avenue of pursuit closed in his thirst for knowledge.

It is because of his never-ending love for learning, in particular his exposure to architecture, law, logic, and the arts, that inspired the founding of this scholarship program. This acknowledgement of a preeminent student of architecture has been created to provide a lasting legacy to his name and recognition for continuing education to the recipient for years to come.

Sean F Mellon
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The stature and reach of this program each year becomes more noteworthy within the academic world and a true testament and reflection of the vibrancy and intellectual curiosity that Sean brought to us all during his most meaningful and brilliant life.

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